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ESD Bulgaria Ltd

General Info

ESD Bulgaria is a climate change and sustainable energy company, part of Camco Group.

Working with clients in international, corporate and public markets ESD Bulgaria aims to deliver economic and financial viable solutions in sustainable energy, energy efficiency, local sustainable energy planning.

ESD Bulgaria Ltd provides technical and consultancy assistance for identification and investing in development and implementation of Bulgarian energy efficiency and renewable energy projects for a number of municipalities and other local authorities in the country. The experts of ESD Bulgaria Ltd have successfully carried out activities and acquired extensive experience under a number of international and nationally funded projects in the field of energy efficiency improvement, climate change mechanisms, renewable energy sources utilization, institution building and capacity strengthening.

ESD Bulgaria is involved in developing JI (Joint Implementation) projects.

Areas of expertise: Energy efficiency buildings, CHP, promoting renewable technologies, energy audits and labeling, advice on specific energy issues, solar energy, wind energy, hydro energy, biomass, geothermal energy, emission trading, carbon footprinting, training.

Target audience: government, municipalities, non government organisations, private clients.