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Geonardo Environmental Technologies Ltd

General Info

Geonardo Environmental Technologies Ltd was established in 1999 as an environmental research and technology company focusing on business consultancy and project development. Since then the company has gained substantial knowledge and experience in managing Community funded projects. Over the years the company has successfully competed in almost all programme and funding categories so it could lay down the principles of how to combine optimally grant-financing, bank-loan and self-financing instruments in respect of the successful management of R&D projects.

Areas of expertise:

  • Integrated environment assessment and technical feasibility studies, drawing up plans for regional development and tourism.
  • Formulating business cases and investment related cost/benefit analyses.
  • Processing of aerial and satellite images, and GIS applications development.
  • Counselling on available EC funded programmes and competitions.
  • Putting together project proposals and bids for public tenders.
  • Resolving project related financial and taxation matters and revenue optimisation.
  • Participating in projects and acting as liaison to Brussels.

Geonardo's comprehensive service package extends from the stage of technical and financial planning and securing domestic and Community co-financing to providing technical support over the life of the project until monitoring begins, in the post-execution phase.

Target audience: NGOs, municipalities, private enterprises, companies, SMEs, individuals, organisations etc.