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ApE - Agencija za prestrukturiranje energetike doo


Energy Restructuring Agency

General Info

ApE - Energy Restructuring Agency is a Slovenian independent consulting company in the field of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. Its range of services include energy demand analyses, execution of energy concepts, feasibility studies, master plans, concept engineering, project management, financing and supervision and promotional activities and research work on the field of energy etc.

The mission of its activities is strongly connected to sustainable development and decrease of impact of energy use to the environment. The development of Renewable Energy Sources and Energy Efficiency plays an important role for sustainable development of its country.

Since the foundation of the company in 1991 it co-operates with all the Ministries and Agencies, which regulates this field (Office for Energy and Agency for Rational Use of Energy at the Ministry for Spatial Planning, Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Food), and local authorities (communities etc). In the international field we performed some projects in the framework of PHARE, THERMIE, SAVE, ALTENER and INCO-COPERNICUS programs.

In this regard it performed for its clients a broad series of promotional campaigns in the media, international workshops and publications, analyzed few approaches for financial support of activities, managed the call for tenders for projects financed by former Ministry for Energy and later by also former Ministry for Economic Affairs. ApE also executed some financing schemes for governmental support to households for rational use of energy and renewable energy sources.