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Sustainable Technology Solutions Ltd

General Info

Sustainable Technology Solutions Ltd is an independent consultancy that aims to provide clients a reliable alternative to in-house provision for feasibility studies, technical assessments, design services and training solutions in the energy sector. The company consists of a highly qualified and multi-disciplinary team, with over twenty years of academic and industrial experience working for both private and public sector clients.

The company places considerable emphasis on developing a working relationship with their clients, so that they fully understand their objectives and can therefore deliver the project on time and within budget.

Areas of expertise: Energy audit - build up a picture of primary inputs and outputs of the systems to aid sizing and guide design parameters.

  • Mass balance - develop a model of an overall system to determine its efficiency/effectiveness.
  • Energy design - system design and sizing of renewable energy systems
  • Market analysis - scope for commercial exploitation and other opportunities to use the system.
  • Technology analysis - Review what is currently available and identify key features and any 'Blue Skies' work.
  • Fuel handling design - assist in overall system design for handling any waste.
  • General mechanical design - most aspects
  • Process Design - whole system, M&E, PID
  • Control Methodology - sequencing, operational modes, failure modes.
  • Economic analysis - Develop economic model including whole life costing.
  • Environmental audit - examination of the overall environmental impact of the system. Target audience: Community groups European Commission Sixth Framework Programme Higher education establishments Local authorities Private individuals Private sector companies Professional institutions Regional development agencies Research organisations
  • Academic Training

Target audience:

  • National, Regional and Local Government
  • Research Organisations
  • Academic Institutions
  • Private Sector Companies