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PowerTherm Solutions Ltd

General Info

PowerTherm Solutions Ltd in an independent engineering consultancy that provides its clients cost-effective solutions to reduce their heat and power requirements. In doing so it seeks to not only improve its clients commercial performance, but also reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The company provides a number of energy-related services ranging from initial assessment of energy consumption through to practical implementation of recommendations. Its services include:

  • Energy audits and surveys;
  • Energy monitoring;
  • Feasibility studies of energy-saving plant, including CHP and renewables;
  • Assessment of capital equipment financing options;
  • Project management of procurement through to commissioning;
  • Turnkey installations;
  • Energy industry-related research, including energy procurement in the context of market liberalisation.

Technologies include:

  • Combined heat and power;
  • solar thermal;
  • photovoltaic;
  • biomass;
  • ground source heat pumps.

Target audience: Public sector organisations, commercial organsisations, and industry.