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Energy Systems, Linkoping University

Department of Mechanical Engineering

General Info

Energy Systems was established in 1980 and is in the centre of the everyday debate on energy issues. The division activities encompass research, undergraduate and postgraduate education. The staff at Energy Systems consists of 25 persons of which 15 are postgraduate students. The research covers the energy systems from buildings and industry through municipalities and regions to the national level. Most of the research activities are carried out in close co-operation with industry as well as municipal and governmental organisations. Energy Systems participate actively in the national "Program Energy Systems", a school of research now involving 22 postgraduate students at four universities. The research activities have resulted in 16 theses (Tech. lic) and 10 doctor dissertations (Tech. dr).

Areas of expertise:

  • General energy system studies on national, regional and local levels.
  • Energy optimisation for industries.
  • Optimal use of energy in buildings and built environment.
  • Promotion of cogeneration and district heating systems as well as waste treatment systems.
  • Regional energy systems with high amount of renewable energy.
  • Integration of solar energy systems for different type of built environments.

Target audience: The division, Energy systems, works with energy optimizing studies towards the national and regional energy administrations as well as municipalities. By Spring 2003, more then 50 energy system studies had furthermore been carried out for public authorities. Other targeted customers are energy companies such as district heating and power generating companies. Another target group are industries with heavy industry consumptions, for which energy saving studies and energy optimisation studies are carried out. Also the efficient use of energy within the building and build environment sector is part of the target group of Energy system division.