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Changes in the energy sector are fundamental and fast moving. These have resulted from the increased environmental awareness of the public at large, reinforced by the urgency expressed by Public Authorities to commit themselves quickly to sustainable development, and by the deregulation of energy markets. Worldwide, this change is introducing more competition and profoundly altering the roles and relationships of the key players.

In order to provide its clients with a global vision of the energy sector, Alphéeis is constantly developing its Watch, survey and analysis activities. These principally target developments in the regulatory, structural and economic context of the energy sector, players' strategies and technological developments. Alphéeis has developed specific actions for these three themes. They believe that they have recognised experience and expertise, acquired from the numerous assignments carried out over the last fifteen years.

In order to meet the new regulatory demands and their new needs, companies are looking to find solutions based on advances in new technology, such as:

  • Energy production systems (renewable energies, fuel cells, cogeneration, biogas, etc.).
  • Systems for optimising the energy efficiency of processes.
  • Energy management systems (Building Management Systems, remote control, DSM, etc.). and on new service offerings targeting managers of residential, office or industrial buildings.

Target audience: Alphéeis services are developed on behalf of all French, European and worldwide players on the energy and environments markets, such as Building owners, Energy utilities, Energy services providers, Research laboratories, Public bodies, etc.

The Alpheis clients list includes most of the major multinationals, SMEs, research laboratories, government agencies.