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XCO2 conisbee Ltd

General Info

XCO2 conisbee [ex-cee-oh-too] is an environmental engineering consultancy providing integrated energy design services. It specialises in low energy design, and the integration of renewable energy in the built environment. The emphasis is on helping design teams to integrate the economic and efficient use of the [visible] (fabric & structure) with the [invisible] (energy, daylight & air movement). Core services include:
  • Energy consultancy
  • Building services engineering
  • Renewable energy in the built environment
  • Feasibility studies, technical design and costing of energy systems
  • Engineering calculation and analysis
  • Computer and physical modelling of light, heat, air movement, energy flows and energy systems
  • Design advice consultancy. We are registered Design Advice Consultants and can provide a days free energy advice on approved projects (paid for by UK government under the Carbon Trust)
  • Research and development
  • Building product design

Particular emphasis is placed on clear and concise communication and dissemination of information.

Target audience: individuals; housing associations; local authorities; architects; house builders; businesses.