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Merkat Energy-Environment-Industry

Manufacturing, Marketing, Consulting and Representation Inc

General Info

The objective of MERKAT's know-how is to use the knowledge and experience gained over 20 years at national, EU and international level by providing a wide range of services to:
  • Private business community,
  • National governments,
  • Regional and Local authorities,
  • International and EU organisations

The service provision of MERKAT can be classified into eight broad divisions:

  1. Support to public and private organisations on European Accession issues
  2. Organisation of training seminars on EU Accession issues
  3. Strategic Planning and Management for organisations as well as regional and interregional development institutions
  4. Economic Evaluation, Sectoral Studies, Market Surveys
  5. Private Sector Consultancy
  6. Environment, Energy and Industrial Consultancy
  7. Engineering and related services
  8. Institutional / Capacity Building and Reorganisation

Specialized fields of activities of MERKAT in energy and environment are:

  • Short and Long Term Planning
  • Micro and Macro Level (Production) Planning for Energy and Industrial Products
  • Demand Analysis and Forecasts
  • Market Surveys and Feasibility Studies
  • Consulting Services on the Production and Promotion of Energy
  • Technologies in the Fields of Rational Use of Energy, Renewable Energy Resources, Hydrocarbons and Solid Fuels
  • Demonstrating New Methods of Producing Energy Cleanly and Efficiently
  • Demonstrating New Methods of Conserving Energy and Reducing Consumption
  • Disseminating Knowledge and Experience on THERMIE Projects
  • Disseminating Knowledge and Experience on LIFE Projects
  • Pointing Out the Policies Regarding Environmentally Sound Technologies and Transferring of Technologies
  • Applying Environment Management and Control Systems