ManagEnergy is a technical support initiative of the Intelligent Energy - Europe (IEE) programme of the European Commission which aims to assist actors from the public sector and their advisers working on energy efficiency and renewable energy at the local and regional level.

Active transport in the metropolitan century

Interested stakeholders – such as staff working on mobility in municipalities or regional authorities, elected officials of municipalities and regions, energy and mobility experts, members of the European Parliament and institutions – are invited to join the upcoming Open Days workshop on Active transport in the metropolitan century: Policies and measures to support walking and cycling and their impact on urban development.

By the old canal

In the spirit of the occasion, the workshop kicks off at 13.00 on Wednesday 14 October with a guided cycling tour from Schuman (Centre Borshette) to the lovely and historic Brussels Canal Area, a fifteen minute a ride away via public transport from the city centre. Following registration and sandwiches at 14.00, Ms Anna Lisa Bonni, Secretary General of EUROCITIES, will introduce the keynote speaker Philippe Crist, an economist from the OECD International Transport Forum. Mr Crist will set out a global perspective on mobility challenges and solutions in cities. Get a sneak preview of what Mr Crist has to say here .

The workshop will showcase examples of successful projects that maximise mobility options and release funds for smart urban road design, whilst reducing congestion, noise and air pollution. Success stories, along with challenges, from across Europe – from Brussels, Sofia municipality in Bulgaria, and from Vienna – will be presented.

Talkin’ ‘bout a revolution

The rich variety of cycling initiatives in Europe is evidenced by these presentations – from Brussels, one of the most congested cities in Europe and also home to a vociferous and active group of cycling advocates, to the aspects of cycling particular to each city.

In recent years, the Bulgarian capital Sofia has witnessed changes in every aspect of cycling, including the share of bicycle trips, the development of cycling infrastructure, the social and cultural significance of the bicycle as a mode of urban transport, among others. Intriguingly, it is regarded as not only a manifestation of post-socialist urbanism, but a force which is itself shaping contemporary Sofia. A powerful driver for change indeed!

After coffee, representatives from DG MOVE, the City of Ghent and the European Cyclists’ Federation will lead the panel discussion.

As well as a presentation from Ms Petra Jens, from the Mobility Agency of the City of Vienna, the Viennese cycling community will be well represented by Mr Stephan Renner, Project Advisor at the European Commission’s Executive Agency for Small to Medium Sized Enterprises, who will be presenting the summary and conclusions to the event. 

All in all, this makes for an unmissable event – oh, and did I mention the cocktails? Presentations of Horizon 2020 and Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE STEER) projects will take place during the happy hour – so lots of up to date insights and information in a convivial setting. See you there!

Please find here the final agenda.