ManagEnergy is a technical support initiative of the Intelligent Energy - Europe (IEE) programme of the European Commission which aims to assist actors from the public sector and their advisers working on energy efficiency and renewable energy at the local and regional level.


  • Heat gets smart in Aarhus

    Published on 09 Feb 2015

    At the end of 2014 the City of Aarhus, Denmark, signed the last contract with the meter supplier Kamstrup to complete the rolling-out of smart heat meters to 53,000 district heating customers by 2017. This is part of the city’s planned intelligent energy system, contributing to the goal of becoming CO2 neutral in 2030. Kaj Leonhart of EC Networks explains more about the smart meters, how the data can be used and the expected benefits.

  • Seeking national sustainable energy financing platform

    Published on 29 Jan 2015

    The Horizon 2020 call Improving the financeability and attractiveness of sustainable energy investments (EE19) funds projects that reduce the uncertainty of investors. They create a business case supported by for example labelling, standardisation or valuation techniques. The call also targets public investments funds and funds projects that establish a dialogue or platform, including the energy and financial sector.

  • City of Olot pioneers trigeneration renewable district heating and cooling

    Published on 16 Jan 2015

    Olot Town Council, in partnership with Gas Natural Fenosa and Wattia, have launched a pioneering sustainable energy project in Spain. The system will supply highly efficient and sustainable heating, cooling and power to the Olot city centre. 

  • Increasing investor confidence in energy efficient renovation

    Published on 14 Jan 2015

    Europe has set its sights on slashing carbon emissions 90 percent from buildings by 2050. Massive investment in buildings renovations is needed to meet this goal – an estimated €3.5 trillion according to the Building Performance Institute Europe – and it’s clear this level of finance can only come from the private sector.

  • Throughout Europe and beyond, more and more schoolchildren are driving energy transformation in the quest for a Green Flag

    Published on 14 Jan 2015

    Preschoolers at Úlla Beag in County Clare, Ireland, learn all about sustainability from an early age. Kids as young as three are making energy pledges, creating insulation, running a wormery ... and they all know you should never leave the tap running while you brush your teeth!

  • This month in energy education (January 2015)

    Published on 08 Jan 2015

    Europe’s youth did their generation proud this December. As governments from around the world met for the UN Climate Change Conference (COP20), 60 Young Friends of the Earth Europe members convened in Brussels to make their own political contribution. 

  • European Commission gives first glimpse of Horizon 2020 funding for innovative finance projects

    Published on 17 Dec 2014

    The European Commission has given a first glimpse of the projects that will receive funding under the 2014 calls of Horizon 2020 on financing for sustainable energy (EE19, EE20, EE21). The European Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) lifted a corner of the veil during the Information day for Horizon 2020 calls on energy efficiency on Friday 12 December.

  • Talkin' 'bout cogeneration

    Published on 17 Dec 2014

    Low carbon solutions for heating and cooling are coming to the fore. Speaking last Friday at Horizon 2020 (Energy Efficiency) Information Day on the 2015 calls, Marie Donnelly, Director of New and Renewable Sources of Energy, Energy Efficiency and Innovation at the European Commission’s DG Energy, reminded the audience that 46 % of the total energy consumed in Europe is used for the generation of heat for domestic or industrial purposes.

  • Osona Energy Agency: engaging municipalities for collective, sustainable finance

    Published on 05 Dec 2014

    Osona is a region north of Barcelona accounting for 51 municipalities and a population of 160 000 inhabitants. The Local Energy Agency of Osona (ALEO in its Catalan acronym) has a mandate to cut energy costs and CO2 emissions through energy efficiency measures and the development of renewable energy sources. Learn how they did it here.

  • European Commission embraces community energy

    Published on 04 Dec 2014

    An increasing number of communities across Europe aspire to produce locally generated energy, a development that has not gone unnoticed in Brussels. At ICLEI Europe’s 16th Breakfast at Sustainability’s, European Commission’s Klaus-Dieter Borchardt of DG Energy praised community energy for delivering on key objectives of the EU and having a positive impact on regions.

  • Picking up where IEE leaves off, Horizon 2020 supports heating and cooling projects

    Published on 24 Nov 2014

    Launched in 2003, the Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme supports a number of projects in the heating and cooling sector working in a number of areas at European, national, regional and local levels. Around EUR 32 million has been granted for projects supporting the market uptake of heating and cooling with energy efficient and renewable energy sources.

  • SAUCE: A Recipe for Sustainability

    Published on 21 Nov 2014

    At Germany’s famous Free University Berlin (FU Berlin) and Austria’s Technical University Vienna (TU Vienna), students as young as 10 are making electricity from cow dung, creating bike-powered cinemas, and contributing solutions to the complex problems of resource depletion. 

  • European Commission fund helps Hungarian heat get off the ground

    Published on 14 Nov 2014

    Geothermal energy in IcelandIn the wake of growing concerns about energy security, the European Commission lately reiterated the pivotal role of municipalities in ensuring a secure supply of energy to Europe’s citizens. ‘If we are going to face a shortage of gas over the winter period, mayors are the ones that should react on the ground,’ Marie Donnelly of DG Energy stated.

  • Energy in education: Snakin' all over

    Published on 03 Nov 2014

    The new school year is well underway and energy-aware schools across Europe are starting to reap the rewards of their hard work. 

  • 'Starting from the local level, we can achieve so much:' an interview with Jerzy Buzek

    Published on 28 Oct 2014

    ManagEnergy spoke with Jerzy Buzek, former president of the European Parliament and current chair of the EP's Committee on Industry, Research and Energy, about the Polish town of Kisielice, winner of the 2014 ManagEnergy Award.

  • Sustainable energy action accelerates in ‘the most beautiful city in the world’

    Published on 23 Oct 2014

    Ljubljana is aiming for up to EUR 50 million investments into sustainable energy until 2016 – a serious boost to the energy performance contracting market in the region and greening public infrastructure. Miha Tomšič reports from ‘the most beautiful city in the world’.

  • Energy Efficiency and its contribution to energy security and the 2030 Framework for climate and energy policy

    Published on 22 Oct 2014

    The European Council is scheduled to take a final decision on the new climate and energy policy framework. On the table is a new energy efficiency target of 30% for 2030 – proposed by the EU in its Energy Efficiency Communication.  

  • Down to business – innovative financing for sustainable energy

    Published on 22 Oct 2014

    The recent ManagEnergy networking event Innovative financing for Energy Efficiency and Renewables proved very popular – here’s the  webstream for those who couldn’t make it.

  • New renovation loan for building owners: tackling Europe’s challenges starts at home

    Published on 22 Oct 2014

    The 12th edition of the Open Days gathered thousands of representatives from European cities and regions. With all eyes on the opportunities of the EU’s new budget period, the cities and regions came to inform themselves about how to finance their sustainable energy projects. 

  • Giving energy innovators a start

    Published on 15 Oct 2014

    Economists increasingly predict that SMEs will be the force behind the economic restructuring and energy transition that the future stability of Europe depends on. Yet the majority of startups perish in today’s market. This is why startup supports like Rockstart represent an invaluable contribution to the creation of an energy-efficient, prosperous Europe.