ManagEnergy is a technical support initiative of the Intelligent Energy - Europe (IEE) programme of the European Commission which aims to assist actors from the public sector and their advisers working on energy efficiency and renewable energy at the local and regional level.


  • Private sector to invest in €70 million energy efficiency fund, Ireland

    Published on 25 Oct 2013

    On 28 February 2013, Irish Energy Minister, Pat Rabbitte formally announced a €70m Energy Efficiency Fund (EEF) that he says will “dramatically improve energy efficiency savings in public and commercial buildings right across the country.”

  • Energy performance contracting: An aid to the public sector in Slovenia?

    Published on 25 Oct 2013

    The ManagEnergy initiative, with the support of the Intelligent Energy Europe programme, has taken up the challenge of making stakeholders — especially local authorities — aware of this potential. One way ManagEnergy is doing this is through the organisation of Capacity Building Workshops around Europe. During 2012 alone, 11 of these workshops were held. This article reflects on the outcomes of one of the most recent from last year, which took place in Slovenia on the 20th and 21st of November.

  • Communicating renewables

    Published on 25 Oct 2013

    An identified barrier to the widespread use of renewable energy technologies is the lack of understanding in the public, at a political level and within the industry sector about the benefits, opportunities and capabilities of renewable energies (RE). One reason is that the communication of the RE sector may not be convincing enough.

  • Car parking and local economy

    Published on 25 Oct 2013

    How does the availability of car-parking spaces impact on retail? Less than we think –according to Professor Tom Rye from Lund University in Sweden. Parking has a key influence over how people travel.  For example, 85% of commuters who drive into central London in the morning rush hour have a free parking space provided by their employer.  The implementation of a controlled parking zone in districts 5-9 in Vienna led to a 25% reduction in people driving to the area (COST342 Report on Parking, 2006).  

  • Land use planning for sustainability

    Published on 25 Oct 2013

    Bernhard Hachleitner, a journalist working for the Traffic Club of Austria VCÖ, talks about a tool dealing with energy certifications for estates which is one of the keys to eco-friendly mobility.

  • How to best use EPC

    Published on 21 Oct 2013

    During OPEN DAYS EACI organized a workshop together with DG Regio, on Energy Performance Contracting (EPC). In the continuing campaign , the European Commission encourages public authorities at all levels to retrofit their building stocks , EACI highlighted how regions and cities can benefit from EPC and showed successful examples from London, Paris, Berlin and Prague.

  • EPC in Croatia, Czech Republic & Denmark

    Published on 21 Oct 2013

    ManagEnergy capacity building workshops have primarily focused on energy performance contracting in 2012-2013, in support of DG Energy’s campaign. Nils Daugaard and Ezgi Basar report from the campaign trail and compare market success factors.  

  • Cohesion policy support for sustainable energy

    Published on 21 Oct 2013

    Maud Skäringer of DG Regio & Ramon Luis Valcárcel Siso, president of the Committee of the Regions, at Open Days 2013Earlier this month, during Open Days, the Covenant of Mayors, together with DG Regio and DG Energy, organised a conference on the new 2014-2020 Multiannual Financial Framework and its implications for sustainable energy investment in Europe.

  • ManagEnergy networking event at CRO2013

    Published on 17 Oct 2013

    Financing renewable energy projects was top of the agenda at CROENERGY2013 earlier this month – and the networking event organized by REGEA and FEDARENE was at the centre of the action. Hailed as ‘Energy event of the year’ by the Croatian media,the event attracted high level political support.

  • ManagEnergy at OPEN DAYS 2013

    Published on 08 Oct 2013

    It’s Open Days! What a week as over 6 000 visitors come from all over Europe to this showcase event where cities and regions demonstrate their capacity to create growth and jobs, implement European Union cohesion policy, and prove the importance of the local and regional level for good European governance. See ManagEnergy’s pick of events below – stay tuned for reports or watch the live webstreaming here – and if you’re in Brussels come and pick up some brand new publications Accelerating change – delivering sustainable energy solutions and ManagEnergy Good Practices 2013. Happy Open Days – see you there! 

  • Retrofitting the bill

    Published on 07 Oct 2013

    Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, supporting RE:FIT Retrofitting public buildings with energy-saving technology – including low-energy lighting and high-efficiency boilers – presents one of a number of opportunities for government to ‘move the dial’ on infrastructure, growth and supporting local job creation within the next couple of years. As it reduces energy usage, retrofitting also offers an attractive route to making savings in departmental budgets. 

  • Support for energy sector SMEs

    Published on 03 Oct 2013

    Last month, in Prague, ManagEnergy joined an official meeting of the Enterprise Europe Network’sSector Group for Intelligent Energy. EEN’s sector groups—of which there are 17—help companies make the most of the European marketplace. They work through local business organizations to help companies develop new markets, source or license new technologies, and access EU finance and EU funding.

  • SME eco-innovations for low carbon transition

    Published on 03 Oct 2013

    The global demand for environmental technologies, ecofriendly products and services, and sustainable design ideas is increasing dramatically. The worldwide market, currently estimated at EUR 1.15 trillion a year, could almost double – to EUR 2 trillion by 2020.

  • EU 2020 offers new opportunities for SMEs

    Published on 26 Sep 2013

    ManagEnergy takes a look at the opportunities for SMEs in transitioning to sustainable energy. Much emphasis is placed on the exemplar role of the public sector – and here SMEs’ involvement is vital to achieving ambitious 2020 targets. 

  • European Structural and Investment Funds 2014–2020: The negotiation process and the emphasis on financial instruments

    Published on 23 Sep 2013

     EU Cohesion policy  aims to support economic, social and territorial cohesion across the EU. It strongly contributes to the objectives of Europe 2020—playing a significant role in supporting sustainable, social and economic restructuring across Europe. These policies add to socio-economic development and employment growth—helping the economy while protecting natural resources. European Structural and Investment Funds (ESI) formerly called Structural and Cohesion Funds support this agenda over the period 2014-2020. They comprise the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), the European Social Fund (ESF), the Cohesion Fund (CF), the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), and the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF).

  • Enegies Posit’IF: Improving energy efficiency in French condominiums

    Published on 17 Sep 2013

    Energies Posit’If aims to increase the number of energy retrofits in the Ile-de-France region by providing comprehensive technical services (energy advice, retrofits and energy performance guarantees) and third party financing to thermally upgrade multi-unit buildings. These projects will be financed through equity, low interest debt from financial institutes and the sale of energy savings certifi­cates—achieving a Bâtiment de basse consommation (low energy building) performance target.

  • Tour-de-table: The changing role of energy agencies

    Published on 09 Sep 2013

    ManagEnergy interviews energy agencies in Latvia and Spain on the changing role of energy agencies in Europe.

  • North-West Croatia Regional Energy Agency and SUSTAINCO

    Published on 12 Aug 2013

    In a recent interview with ManagEnergy, Milka Hrbud of REGEA spoke about the SUSTAINCO project—funded by Intelligent Energy Europe— that aims to support the implementation of the Recast EPBD into national legislation.

  • The Low Carbon Hub: an innovative approach to funding community renewable energy projects

    Published on 17 Jul 2013

    Mobilising Local Energy Investment Project Development Assistance (MLEI-PDA), supported by Intelligent Energy Europe assists local and regional authorities develop sustainable energy projects. It aims to bridge the gap between sustainable energy plans and real investment by funding activities necessary to prepare, and mobilise finance for public investment programmes.

  • Lowering energy consumption in extreme temperatures

    Published on 10 Jul 2013

    The German concept of a passive house is not suited to extremely cold climates. It is very difficult to reach the energy demand defined for Central European countries, 15 kWh/m2a, without substantially increasing the construction costs. As an alternative the project looked into the concept of very low energy houses.