ManagEnergy Annual Conference 2012
Sustainable Energy Investments in Cities and Regions

Brussels, Wednesday 20 June 2012

Panorama of ManagEnergy conference room

Aimed at energy agencies, public authorities and energy actors with a local and regional focus, the ManagEnergy Annual Conference hosted high-level speakers from the European Commission, the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, and cities and energy agencies across Europe.

This year's conference focused on sustainable energy investments, with sessions and speeches devoted to:

  • EU policy developments in the fields of sustainable energy and regional development; 
  • The Covenant of Mayors initiative as a political instrument for sustainable energy actions;
  • Specific examples of European cities on the implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans;
  • EU investment, financing and funding instruments (e.g., EEEF, ELENA, MLEI);
  • The recently launched Smart Cities and Communities Initiative; and
  • Technical support tools and services provided by ManagEnergy.

One of the highlights of the conference was the presentation of this year's finalists for the ManagEnergy Local Energy Action Award, an annual competition that recognises outstanding projects in the area of renewable energy and energy efficiency at the local and regional level. 

Photos and presentations of the candidates and winner can be found below or in more detail on the award page.

Conference Programme


Keynote speeches

  • EU energy policy for local and regional actors
    Ms Marie Donnelly, European Commission, DG ENER, Director
  • Regional policy promoting sustainable energy
    Mr Rudolf Niessler, European Commission, DG REGIO, Director

ManagEnergy award presentations 
Ms Marie Donnelly, European Commission,DG ENER, Director 

Securing local political commitment through the Covenant of Mayors

  • Covenant of Mayors initiative
    Mr Jan Panek, European Commission, Head of Unit, DG ENER
  • Preparing an achievable SEAPs
    Mr Zbigniew Michniowski, Deputy Mayor of Bielsko Biala and President of the Association of Municipalities Polish Network “Energie Cités”
  • Delivering SEAP commitments
    Mr Robert Nidergesäss Mayor of Vaterstetter and Member of the German Covenant Club Development assistance for investment projects

Development assistance for investment projects

  • EEEF case study
    Mr Börries von Notz, Managing Director of the Berlin Jewish Museum
  • ELENA-EIB case study
    Presentation by Mr Ralf Goldmann, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Division, European Investment Bank
    Speech by Mr Guido Podesta, President of the Province of Milan
  • MLEI case study 
    Mr Alf Kristian Enger, Project Manager, Regional Council for South Østerdal, Norway

Smart Cities & Communities Initiative

  • The example of Lyon 
    Mr Sylvain Koch-Mathian, European Programmes & Energy Planning Consultant, HESPUL

Overview of ManagEnergy 
Mr Patrick Lefèbvre (ManagEnergy) 

Overview of Covenant of Mayors
Ms Kristina Dely (CoMO)

Closing remarks
Mr William Gillet, Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, Head of Unit for Renewable Energy

Photos of the event

Keynote Speeches


Clockwise from top: William Gillet, Head of Unit for Renewable Energy at EACI, opening the conference; Rudolf Niessler, Director at DG REGIO; Thomas Wobben, Director of Horizontal Policies and Networks at the EU Committee of the Regions; and Marie Donnelly, Director of Renewables, Research and Innovation and Energy Efficiency at DG Energy

ManagEnergy Award Presentations

Soren Hermansen accepts award

Søren Hermansen of Samsø 2.0, trophy in hand, offers a few inspirational words after receiving the winning certificate for the ManagEnergy Local Energy Action Award competition.

ZREA  Community Power Cornwall

Left: Inga Kreicmane of the Zemgale Regional Energy Agency receives a certificate on behalf of the Energy Efficiency Measures in Multi-Residential Buildings intitiative, one of three finalists for the 2012 ManagEnergy Award. Right: Charlotte Cade receives a certificate on behalf of Community Power Cornwall, the other finalist for the 2012 ManagEnergy Award.

Main Conference Sessions 

2nd panel ManagEnergy presentation2nd panel 3rd panel  ManagEnergy stand

A selection of photos from the day's three main sessions. Among other things, specific local examples of SEAP preparation and implementation were highlighted, investment and financing instruments were showcased, and technical support tools were presented. 

2012 ManagEnergy conference room packed to capacityThe main conference room of the Charlemagne building approaching full capacity

Video of the Conference