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  • Mediumsample_logo_eata

    Athens, Greece
    from 02 Mar 2013 to 10 Mar 2013

    7-11 regional events organization in Athens.Aim:present the objectives,structure of the project,methodology and some survey and campaign results from the diferent partners. The structure of the event,has to be adapted to Athens reality and make it the more insteresting as possible.
  • Mediumlogo3

    Thessaloniki, Greece
    from 15 Mar 2013 to 15 Mar 2013

    The 2nd Greek study tour is taking place on March 15th 2013, at the Student Dormitories “Aliki Perroti” of the American Farm School in Thessaloniki, Greece. During this event a workshop is taking place under the title: “Nearly Zero Energy Buildings: from theory to practice”. In this event besides, the Student Dormitories “Aliki Perroti”, the town hall of Municipality Pylaia-Hortiati will be also presented and a walk-through will take place in both buildings.

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  • Mediumerenet_logo

    Amyntaio, Greece
    from 25 Nov 2013 to 25 Nov 2013

    The event will include the presentation of the Covenant of Mayors’ initiative and the eReNet web tools for the development of SEAPs, as well as experience and best practices from submitted SEAPs. In addition, particular emphasis will be laid on the innovative financing mechanisms for sustainable energy investments. This workshop addresses mainly local and regional authorities, interested energy experts and consultants, investors and representatives of relevant funds and programs.

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  • Mediumsus_meeting

    Pikermi, Athens , Greece
    from 03 Feb 2014 to 03 Feb 2014

    The National Working Group of Coordinators and Supporters for the Covenant of Mayors in Greece is holding a workshop focusing on nearly Zero Energy Buildings. Main topic is how to empower local authorities to mainstream nZEB practice and integrate it in Sustainable Energy Action Plans, as foreseen in the IEE project AIDA_Affirmative Integrated Energy Design Action. Experiences from ongoing activities and strategies for sustainable energy development in the time of crisis will be discussed.
  • Mediumierapetra

    Ierapetra , Greece
    from 20 Feb 2014 to 20 Feb 2014

    Provision of Technical Support to the Technical Staff of the municipality members of the Energy Team. Step by step guidelines so that the Mayor signs the CoM and the staff collects data for BEI and develops appropriate strategy for its SEAP.

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