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February 2013

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September 2013

  • Mediumcovenant-capacity-logo-web

    Rapla, Estonia
    from 26 Sep 2013 to 26 Sep 2013

    Event will give an overview on how SEAP relates to relevant development plans already in place in most of LG’s and what are the next practical steps toward working SEAP. Introductory overview is followed by practical discussion on how to go on with the already existing documents in place toward successful SEAP in the LG's represented by the participants. Organizers reserve the right to select participants from the list of applicants based on suitability to target group and capacity.

March 2014

  • Mediumtallinnsmall

    Tallinn, Estonia
    from 26 Mar 2014 to 27 Mar 2014

    The scope of the workshop is to find ways for investments in sustainable energy solutions in Estonia, notably in the building and district heating sector. A key challenge is to optimise the use of the upcoming Cohesion Funds for the 2014-20 period, where Estonia already have good experience with innovative financing instruments (revolving fund managed by the KredEx institution) to build upon.

March 2015

April 2015

  • Mediumeeefcov

    Tallinn, Estonia
    from 29 Apr 2015 to 29 Apr 2015

    The Covenant of Mayors organises a finance working group workshop for cities and other public authorities that have developed bankable project proposals or are in the process to do so. At the workshop, cities will have the opportunity to discuss their specific plans with financial experts, can meet representatives from the eeef (for more information on the Fund please refer to: to discuss how these specific projects could be structured and financed.

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