April 2015

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April 2015

  • Mediumeesi2020_logo_rgb_300dpi

    Brussels, from 02 Apr 2015 to 02 Apr 2015
    see: http://www.transparense.eu/be/news/

    The Flemish Federation for a Better Environment and the Energy Saving Pioneers organise on Thursday, 2 April in the afternoon (14:00 - 17:00, Brussels) a seminar on Energy performance contracting and ESCO's: their potential and the barriers that have to be removed for saving energy on a large scale via ESCO's.
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    Hilton Park Lane, 22 Park Lane, London, W1K 1BE, from 14 Apr 2015 to 16 Apr 2015
    see: http://atnd.it/17398-0

    Argus European Biomass Trading conference returns to London on 14-16 April 2015 at the Hilton Park Lane, covering a wide variety of global and UK-centric topics.
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    Geneva, from 15 Apr 2015 to 15 Apr 2015
    see: http://atnd.it/20111-0

    The date for Platts 4th Annual EU Biofuels Seminar has been set for April 15th 2015, and will take place in the wonderful city of Geneva. This focused event will provide a unique insight from key decision makers, and a comprehensive overview of the European and international biofuels and feedstock markets, providing you with trading and pricing insights, and asking questions around stimulating investment and the outlook for 2020 and beyond.
  • Mediumtrophee_1xs

    Brussels, from 15 Apr 2015 to 15 Apr 2015
    see: http://www.fedarene.org/uncategorized/roger-leron-prize-award-7238

    We are pleased to announce the launch of the 1st edition of the Roger Léron Award. The purpose of this Award is to acknowledge persistency, a proactive approach, bringing a successful contribution to sustainable energy at the regional and / or local level in Europe. Each year as from 2015, the winner (individual/organisation) will receive the trophy during a ceremony in Brussels. Roger Léron was a great contributor to the regional and local sustainable energy field throughout his life.
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    Freiburg, from 17 Apr 2015 to 17 Apr 2015
    see: http://www.ises.org/index.php?id=270

    The International Solar Energy Society invites you to join the upcoming webinar on the topic of: Solar driven thermochemical production of sustainable fuels, which will be held on: 17. April 2015 at 13:00 UTC. Participation is free for everyone.
  • Medium18787

    Birmingham, from 21 Apr 2015 to 23 Apr 2015
    see: http://atnd.it/18787-0

    Sustainability Live – incorporating NEMEX and Energy Recovery – is the leading UK exhibition for innovative energy and sustainability management.
  • Mediumwindenergie

    Veenendaal, from 21 Apr 2015 to 22 Apr 2015
    see: http://atnd.it/20423-0

    Hét nationale platform waar alle stakeholders in de windenergie sector elkaar ontmoeten en ervaringen uitwisselen.
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    Amsterdam, from 22 Apr 2015 to 23 Apr 2015
    see: http://www.wplgroup.com/aci/conferences/eu-eal5.asp

    ACI’s 5th annual European Algae Biomass Conference will once again bring together senior executives from industry and academia to discuss the latest commercial and technical developments, challenges and research breakthroughs throughout the entire algae value chain.
  • Mediumvisuel_aberdeen

    Aberdeen, from 22 Apr 2015 to 24 Apr 2015
    see: http://aberdeen2015.energy-cities.eu

    Energy Cities' Annual conference Many European cities are facing globalisation and economic crisis while following the linear “take-make-consume and dispose” pattern of growth. What role can and do local authorities play in doing things differently to foster community resilience? the means are manifold and exciting. In Aberdeen, European local authorities will share examples of successful energy transition projects,
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    Dresden, from 22 Apr 2015 to 25 Apr 2015
    see: http://www.climatealliance.org/events-details0.0.html?&L=0&tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=2238&tx_ttnews%5BbackPid%5D=314&cHash=86610c3f14ee1336911598fc11904321

    We cordially invite you to the International Annual Conference of Climate Alliance. 25 years Climate Alliance has stood for local commitment to the efficient use and sustainable production of energy as well as for action in solidarity with the indigenous peoples of the Amazon. Seize the opportunity to network with like-minded professionals while discussing topics such as energy security, local energy supply, climate change mitigation and adaptation as well as the Millennium Development Goals.
  • Mediumregea

    Zagreb, from 22 Apr 2015 to 22 Apr 2015
    see: http://www.zv.hr/default.aspx?id=1294

    Within 3rd International Energy, Energy Efficiency and Renewables fair, North-West Croatia Energy Agency is organizing two dedicated events related to Energy Performance Contracting (EPC). First is seminar within IEE project EESI2020 Energy renewal of buildings based on the Energy Performance Contract– project examples and the second is wokshop of Streetlight-EPC project Implementation of the Energy Performance Contract in the reconstruction projects of public lighting systems.
  • Mediumnee

    Kristiansand, from 23 Apr 2015 to 23 Apr 2015
    see: http://www.nee.no/epc-erfaringsseminar-kristiansand/

    EPC seminar focusing on experiences and results from EPC-projects introduced by various actors in the Norwegian EPC market, describing the different roles in EPC-projects, emphasizing the role of the facilitator. The European Code of Conduct will be introduced and ESCO’s invited to become signatories. Enova, the Norwegian Energy Agency will present their offer in connection with further development of the EPC market. The new Norwegian Standard for EPC-projects will be introduced.
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    Brussels, from 28 Apr 2015 to 28 Apr 2015
    see: http://managenergy.net/networking_meetings/2118#.VRu4SvmUde4

    Up-scaling investments in energy efficiency and renewables is a major challenge to meet the European Union’s energy and climate targets fo
  • Mediumpc591_power_summit_300x250

    London, from 28 Apr 2015 to 29 Apr 2015
    see: http://atnd.it/20113-0

    Generation strategies for clean, secure, sustainable electricity Uniquely positioned for Europe's leading utilities, renewable energy companies and other key market stakeholders. With even more ambition than before, Platts has sourced simply the best power generation speakers around for frank discussion and unrivalled debate. The central discussion points being how to effectively tackle overcapacity, guarantee energy security, set tougher carbon-emission targets and make power greener.
  • Medium18434

    Bristol, from 28 Apr 2015 to 30 Apr 2015
    see: http://atnd.it/18434-0

    Preparing the large-scale solar market for post subsidy growth.
  • Medium23414_200

    Bristol, from 29 Apr 2015 to 29 Apr 2015
    see: http://atnd.it/23414-0

    These half-day workshops are designed to discuss best practice around energy efficiency and energy management, examine the business case for renewable generation and equip you with all the knowledge, tools and contacts necessary to navigate your way to a successful, efficient and sustainable business with minimum disruption to your day-to-day operations. The forums runs as two identical sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon of 29th April 2015.
  • Mediumeeefcov

    Tallinn, from 29 Apr 2015 to 29 Apr 2015
    see: http://www.covenantofmayors.eu/agenda_en.html?id_event=1153

    The Covenant of Mayors organises a finance working group workshop for cities and other public authorities that have developed bankable project proposals or are in the process to do so. At the workshop, cities will have the opportunity to discuss their specific plans with financial experts, can meet representatives from the eeef (for more information on the Fund please refer to: www.eeef.eu) to discuss how these specific projects could be structured and financed.