Discover concrete solutions on how to tackle fuel poverty within your region!

Eurorégion Alpes Méditerranée, 62 rue du Trône

Target audience

Local and regional authorities


A household is said to be fuel poor when it meets difficulties or cannot afford its basic energy needs for housing. Between 50 million and 125 million people in Europe are estimated to be fuel poor.

The Intelligent Energy Europe supported projects ACHIEVE and EC-LINC are pan-European actions aiming at developing large-scale energy advice services, towards low-income households facing difficulties with their energy bills. The service is based on home visits, which main purposes are:

- to understand vulnerable consumers’ energy consumption, bills and habits, and to check their appliances with a set of reporting/analysing tools;

- to distribute and install a set of free energy and water saving devices, and give advice to the households on how to implement further practical measures for saving energy;

- to analyse which longer term solutions can be brought to improve the households’ situation, by linking local actors into a concerted local action plan.

ACHIEVE and EC LINC partners, with the support of ManagEnergy, are organising in Brussels, on the 27th of June in the morning, the workshop “Discover concrete solutions on how to tackle fuel poverty within your territory!” to present the methodology of their projects, and to share their tools, recommendations and experience on how to tackle fuel poverty with local authorities and operators interested in implementing such home visits service.

 Contributers to this workshop include:

Lara Blake, policy officer at DG Energy and organiser of the Vulnerable Consumer Working Group and the Citizens' Energy Forum, for a key-note speech.


Brenda Boardman, Emeritus Fellow at the Environmental Change Institute at the University of Oxford and Visiting Professor at the University of Exeter as moderator and for the concluding speech.

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Brussels, Belgium

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