Cost-effective metering of individual consumption of heating and cooling in multi-purpose and multi-residential apartments buildings


The European Commission DG Joint Research Centre and DG Energy, in cooperation with ManagEnergy, held a 2-day workshop on cost-effective metering of individual consumption of heating and cooling in multi-purpose and multi-apartment buildings. The aim of the workshop was to share best practice and provide practical advice to Member States in the implementation of individual metering and billing in heating-, cooling- and hot water consumption related provisions of the Energy Efficiency Directive.

Aarhus’s smart metering project, which is driven by AffaldVarme Aarhus, was presented on the second day of the workshop as a best practice example. AffaldVarme Aarhus is the local district heating company and is currently in the process of rolling out smart heat meters to 53,000 customers (2012- 2017), which affects around 350,000 people in the Aarhus region. The new intelligent heat meters will automatically transmit the heat consumption and thus replace the annual self-reading of the individual households. It will be one of the world’s most advanced remote meter reading systems, which in addition to administrative benefits also contributes to energy efficiency.

As of today the district heating in Aarhus covers 95% of the total need for heating in the city. By 2015, 100% of the heat production will be based on carbon-neutral biofuel and waste. The overall strategy is that the City of Aarhus will be CO2 neutral by 2030. This solution will be part of the future overall intelligent energy system and will contribute to the thinking behind the initiative “Smart Aarhus”, where public and private companies and knowledge institutions will collaborate to make digital data about the city available to citizens, city authorities and industry.


The first 13,300 meters are delivered by Kamstrup and the companies EMT Nordic and Saseco are key partners in delivering the IT systems needed for data collection and management.

EMT Nordic is responsible for ‘EnergyKey’ which is a database of all customers, the transaction kernel which transfers data to and from many sources, total surveillance of the solution. The system has been developed as an open interface for the possibility of future integrations, for example to visualise other utility usage.
Saseco has developed a tool called eButler which allows customers to have access to all of their own data. Their interface is adjusted to fit Energy Key’s interface. This empowers the customer and motivates energy savings.
Click here to see an introduction to the key partners at the workshop in November 2013.

Read an interview with Erik Brender of AffaldVarme Aarhus and Karina Svanborg of the Danish Technological Institute about Aarhus's smart meter project.

Watch video interviews with Erik and Karina

View pictures from the event.


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