Shallow geothermal education and training, GEOTRAINET event

Cultural Association of Southern Sweden, Lund, Sweden

With the establishment of the new Geotrainet organisation for shallow geothermal education and training in Europe, two events were held in fall 2013.

Dissemination event: Geo Energy - Planning and Good Practice

14th November 2013

The aim of this event was to present the benefits of shallow geothermal energy in the light of the European sustainable energy framework will be reviewed and practice examples discussed.

Update Course: Training for trainers and Good Practice

15th November 2013

The second event day, a training for new trainers and those who have already taken a training course was held. The course facilitated the structure of Geo-Education for a sustainable geothermal heating and cooling market.



Lund, Sweden

Location details: Cultural Association of Southern Sweden, Lund, Sweden

Event website: http://www.managenerg...


Name: Pernille Nøddekær
Telephone: +3227887631