The energy transition at local level: its economic impact and financing opportunities

Leopold Hotel Brussels EU - Rue du Luxembourg 35

What this networking meeting's aboutThe economic impact of the energy transition at local level needs to be highlighted so that more initiatives are implemented by local authorities and stakeholders. This will be the focus of the morning session.

For these new initiatives, different opportunities are available to secure the financial resources necessary for the energy transition of towns and cities. They will be presented in the afternoon session.

Objectives                                                       – Showcase the positive impact of energy transition policies on local economies and illustrate them with concrete examples. Show how various stakeholders are involved in the local green growth development

– Provide local authorities with economic arguments to lead the energy transition

– Highlight different opportunities for financing energy transition at local level and identify the resources at local and EU level.

Who should participate                                       Associations or networks of local authorities (general and specialised in energy and climate issues), Covenant of Mayors Territorial Coordinators and Supporters, local and regional authorities and any other interested actors.

Why you should participate                                       New knowledge and contacts will help you enhance your network’s activities related to up-to-date information dissemination, preparation of capacity building events, facilitation of exchange of experiences and good practices, communication, lobbying, etc.

Programme and presentations

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Brussels, Belgium

Organised by: Energy Cities

Location details: Leopold Hotel Brussels EU - Rue du Luxembourg 35

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Name: Laura Guérin
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