Community energy across Europe—making it happen

Scotland House, Rond-Point Schuman 6, Brussels

Target audience

EU and national policy makers, RES industry

We urgently need to change our energy system into one powered by renewable energy to end our dependency on fossil fuels and the harm they are doing to peoples, our climate and our environment. By putting communities and citizens at the heart of a shift to renewable energy we can achieve a transition more quickly, fairly and with added benefits.

All over Europe communities and citizens are already producing community owned renewable energy. However, many barriers still need to be tackled, such as the lack of political will for a transition towards renewables, and financial and legal obstacles to community owned projects.

The conference focused on the following topics:

 Successful community renewable energy projects

 Legislative challenges across Europe

 Financing in Central and Eastern European countries

 Renewable energy cooperatives (REScoops) and financing

Pictures from the day can be viewed on flickr here



Brussels, Belgium

Organised by: Community Power, REScoop 20-20-20

Location details: Scotland House, Rond-Point Schuman 6, Brussels

Event website: http://www.managenerg...


Name: Mrs Rita Mergner
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