Public consultation on the Connecting Europe Facility: less than two months left to have your say


Last November the European Commission opened a public consultation on the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). The consultation will close on 27 February 2017.

The CEF is a large-scale EU funding programme with a budget of around €30 billion that promotes the development of jobs, growth and competitiveness at a European level. It supports the development of high performing and sustainable networks that connect EU countries in the fields of transport, energy and digital services. The funding it provides is delivered both as grants and as innovative financial instruments such as guarantees and project bonds designed to attract further funds from public agencies and the private sector.

In the area of energy, the CEF makes available over €5 billion to upgrade Europe's ageing energy infrastructure, promote security of supply, and support the deployment of energy from renewable sources.

Launched in January 2014, the CEF is now undergoing a mid-term evaluation. As part of this, the Commission has opened a public consultation. Anyone with an interest in the CEF – this includes people involved in designing, managing or implementing CEF projects, but also ordinary citizens – is invited to give their views. The deadline for doing so is 27 February.

News on the launch of the public consultation

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