ManagEnergy Newsletter - January 2011

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ManagEnergy annual conference on 13 April: save the date!

EUSEW - be part of it !Between 11 and 15 April 2011 hundreds of events organised across Europe will promote, discuss and celebrate energy efficiency and renewable energy. As in previous years, ManagEnergy will play a key role during the 2011 EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW).

EUSEW showcases the latest innovations in energy efficiency and renewable energy technology, policy and practice through a varied programme of events and happenings. EUSEW’s aim is to demonstrate to businesses, decision-makers and the wider public that sustainable energy technologies are viable, cost-effective and good for the environment.

This year, ManagEnergy is holding its annual conference on the morning of 13 April. Aimed at energy agencies, public authorities and energy actors from across Europe, the conference will host high-level speakers from the European Commission, the Executive Agency for Competitiveness and Innovation, local authorities and energy agencies.

The latest developments will be presented in the area of technical and financial support for sustainable energy at the local and regional level. One of the highlights of the conference will be the ManagEnergy Local Energy Action Award ceremony, an annual event that recognises the best and brightest projects submitted to ManagEnergy.

If you are in Brussels, take the opportunity and attend the annual ManagEnergy conference! If you are elsewhere in Europe, join the 2011 EUSEW and organise an Energy Day in your city, town or region between 11 and 15 April 2011!

  • If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact the EUSEW secretariat at

Make use of the new ManagEnergy website facilities: improved Partner Search tool and interactive ManagEnergy map

ManagEnergy online partner search toolAre you looking for partners to join your sustainable energy project? Would you like to find European energy agencies on the map with only one click? Make use of the two new, highly interactive web facilities that are now available on the ManagEnergy website: the Partner Search tool and the ManagEnergy map.

As a technical support initiative dedicated to sustainable energy at the local and regional level, ManagEnergy facilitates networking among energy actors. The new Partner Search tool allows you to look for contacts and partners based on a wide range of search criteria.

You can easily find energy actors who are interested in the same funding programmes as you, are located in the countries of your choice and complement your expertise. By creating a profile on the ManagEnergy database, you can also have access to project ideas submitted to ManagEnergy. As the 2011 IEE call for proposals is now open, why not take the opportunity to use the new Partner Search tool!

The ManagEnergy map is another useful facility that has recently been introduced. In a highly interactive and user-friendly way you can view the local, regional and/or national energy agencies on the map of Europe. The map also provides a visualised overview of both ManagEnergy workshops and other events and conferences that are relevant to sustainable energy. Interaction among local and regional energy actors from across Europe has never been easier!

ManagEnergy showcased at the 2011 Intelligent Energy Europe Info Day

IEE Info Day 2011The 2011 Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) Info Day – held on 18 January in Brussels - marked the opening of the annual IEE call for proposals. The call for proposals, which has a total budget of € 67 million, is open until 12 May 2011.

The programme of the day included a morning plenary session that provided an overview of the IEE programme, funding opportunities and project examples. The afternoon session was composed of thematic workshops highlighting the priorities of the call for proposals. Vivid discussion was facilitated and participants were given hands-on advice on how to successfully apply for IEE funding.

As in previous years, ManagEnergy was represented at the IEE Info Day.

The services provided by ManagEnergy on site were highly appreciated by participants. A LIVE Partner Search took place with project proposers presenting in writing their ideas and getting in touch with potential partners. In view of the 2011 IEE call for proposals, networking was facilitated among energy actors from across Europe.

Online tutorials were given on the new Partner Search tool of the ManagEnergy website. The various uses and features of the tool were explained in a customized way to reflect each participant’s needs.

Useful printed material was widely distributed, such as the European map of energy agencies, the 2010 directory of European energy agencies as well as newsletters, posters and good practice brochures.

President Barroso: concrete measures needed for energy efficiency targets

José Manuel BarrosoEuropean Commission President Barroso points out the importance of taking specific measures in view of the EU 2020 targets, especially in the area of energy efficiency.

In his 5 January speech, Mr Barroso addressed, among others, the significance of energy efficiency as a key component of the European energy policy:

"Let me tell you very frankly that I am unhappy with the progress made on energy efficiency. While on the renewables we are making a lot of progress and it is now realistic to think that we are going to fulfill our 20% target by 2020, this is not the case for our target on energy efficiency. Since our best source of energy is in fact energy efficiency, and also considering the prices of energy, I think it is important from all points of view to achieve real progress of energy efficiency very soon. I would like to see the European Council agree on concrete measures to reach the 20% target by 2020."

Overall, according to President Barroso, energy and innovation are two of the key areas to contribute towards European integration. With respect to the top EU energy priorities, he said: “I think we should therefore develop our future work around five priorities:

  • a strong energy policy as key to competitiveness, sustainable growth and security
  • an internal market in energy as an asset
  • building the European Union's new energy infrastructure
  • make decisive progress on energy efficiency
  • an effective and united European approach in terms of external energy policy.”

Forthcoming ManagEnergy workshops: mark your calendar!

ManagEnergy workshopFrom Prague to Sofia and Riga to Budapest the 2011 ManagEnergy capacity building workshops support sustainable energy at the local and regional level. Five interesting workshops will be organised by ManagEnergy across Europe in the first four months of 2011. Find the one that is closest to you!

28 January 2011, Riga, Latvia:
Sustainable Energy Action Plans in Latvia

The workshop is designed to meet the specific needs of management and technical staff from Latvian municipalities and other organisations with a public mandate. Best practices in project implementation will be presented.

24 February 2011, Gdansk, Poland: National Renewable Action Plan – implementing local and regional energy actions for achieving the EU RES Directive

The workshop will showcase good practice examples of local and regional solutions implemented under the national Renewable Energy Action Plans (NREAP) and the RES Directive in Poland.

10 March 2011, Sofia, Bulgaria: Sustainable Energy and Covenant of Mayors in our Cities

The objective is to find solutions for the smooth implementation of the Covenant initiative in Bulgaria. Provinces and other key actors will be encouraged to participate in order to establish a permanent basis for networking among municipalities and their key partners.

22 March 2011, Budapest, Hungary: Sustainable Energy and Covenant of Mayors in our Cities

The Budapest workshop will help to improve the capacities of municipalities to develop and implement their Sustainable Energy Action Plans (SEAPs). Furthermore, it will involve local stakeholders and citizens and make use of the experiences of other signatories to the Covenant of Mayors.

5 April 2011, Zagreb, Croatia: Financing and Developing Sustainable Energy Action Plans

The workshop in Zagreb sets out to engage energy agencies and local energy actors with a public mandate. A rich programme has been designed to help these actors improve their management skills and technical capacities.