ManagEnergy Newsletter - May 2012


Register now: ManagEnergy Annual Conference on sustainable energy investments—20 June 2012

conference presentation during ManagEnergy conferenceRegistration is now open for this year’s ManagEnergy Annual Conference, which takes place in Brussels on Wednesday 20 June as part of the 2012 EU Sustainable Energy Week. The conference, titled ‘Sustainable Energy Investments in Cities and Regions,’ will focus on how sustainable energy actions can be effectively initiated, financed and implemented. Register here! 

The conference is aimed at a broad spectrum of energy actors, from local and regional authorities, to energy agencies, policy makers, regional representatives and energy consultants—anyone interested in energy efficiency and renewable energy actions!

Now in its twelfth year, the conference will host an impressive range of speakers from EU institutions, as well as from public authorities and energy agencies across Europe. This year’s conference will focus on sustainable energy investments, with sessions and speeches devoted to:

  • EU policy developments in the fields of sustainable energy and regional development 
  • The Covenant of Mayors initiative as a political instrument for sustainable energy actions
  • Specific examples of European cities and their implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plans 
  • EU investment, financing and funding instruments (e.g., EEEF, ELENA, MLEI)
  • The recently launched Smart Cities and Communities Initiative
  • Technical support tools and services provided by ManagEnergy

Special attention will be given to the winner and runners up of the 2012 ManagEnergy Local Energy Action Award, whose outstanding projects will be highlighted during the conference.

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Three finalists announced for the 2012 ManagEnergy Local Energy Action Award

ManagEnergy Award bannerManagEnergy has nominated three outstanding sustainable energy projects from Denmark, Latvia and the UK for its annual Local Energy Action Award. The award is presented every year to projects that trigger sustainable energy actions at the local and regional level.

For the 2012 round of the award competition, ManagEnergy received a record 64 projects from 23 countries, covering a wide range of energy efficiency and renewable energy topics. The three finalists were selected by a high-level jury composed of key actors representing public authorities, energy agencies, city networks, and industry and citizens associations from across Europe. The rigorous evaluation procedure considered the projects’ impact, sustainability and replication potential.

The 2012 ManagEnergy Local Energy Action Award finalists are:

  • Community Power Cornwall, a co-operative developed by Community Energy Plus, a successful fuel poverty organisation in Cornwall, UK. The scheme brings together investors and communities for the development of renewable energy installations.
  • Energy Efficiency Measures in Multi-Residential Buildings, an initiative of the Zemgale Regional Energy Agency in Latvia, which focuses on the refurbishment of multi-residential buildings, a major consumer of energy in the region and in the country as a whole. The project has made use of Structural Funds to cover a substantial part of the investment cost. 
  • Samsø 2.0 - Energy Education, an integrated initiative developed by Samsø Energy Academy to help the Danish island achieve complete fossil fuel independence, and become a prime destination for capacity building on sustainable energy issues.

The winner will be announced on 19 June in Brussels, during a prestigious ceremony along with the Sustainable Energy Europe Awards. This year, the ManagEnergy and Sustainable Energy Europe award schemes are being co-ordinated and run in parallel. Each of the nominated projects will be showcased during the Annual ManagEnergy Conference, taking place the following day, on 20 June.

Learn more about the nominees, winners and ceremony of last year’s ManagEnergy Award

EU Sustainable Energy Week 2012: Be part of it!

Sustainable Energy Week logoThe countdown has started for the sustainable energy event of the year!

Register now for the high-level policy conferences in Brussels plus dozens of interesting side events. And check out the events happening in your country through the clickable map

You, too, can be a part of EU Sustainable Energy Week. It's not too late to organise an Energy Day event to promote your energy project or idea--register it online now.

ManagEnergy expands its technical support and innovative services

ManagEnergy/IEE logoFollowing a period of reorganisation, the ManagEnergy team is now able to offer an expanded range of services to the sustainable energy community.

ManagEnergy is committed to top quality technical support for local and regional energy actors, and will be launching several new activities and tools in the                                                                                                                weeks and months ahead.

The Annual ManagEnergy Award Competition is well on track, the nominated projects have been announced, and the award ceremony is taking place in Brussels on 19 June.

The ManagEnergy Annual Conference will be held in Brussels the following day, on 20 June, and will focus on ‘Sustainable Energy Investments in Cities and Regions.’

Register now! 

Two networking events, also organised by ManagEnergy, are scheduled during the European Sustainable Energy Week. 

  • The first event, on 19 June, is targeted at national networks of energy agencies and directors of regional and local energy agencies. The purpose of the event is to share experiences on how to finance sustainable energy actions and energy agencies themselves. Register now
  • The second event, on 20 June, will be structured in a ‘speed dating’ format, and target local and regional authorities. The event will provide an opportunity to meet face to face with officers from the financial institutions responsible for implementing technical assistance grant facilities (ELENA-EIB, ELENA-KfW, ELENA-CEB, ELENA EBRD, EEEF and MLEI) that have been set up to support sustainable energy investments at the local and regional level. Register now.

In the coming months, ManagEnergy will be organising a wide range of capacity building workshops across Europe, tailored to meet the needs of national, regional and local energy actors. Learn more about past ManagEnergy workshops.

As innovative IT solutions are at the core of ManagEnergy’s identity, a number of new online tools are currently being designed to assist sustainable energy actors. These new services will facilitate peer-to-peer communication, information exchange, project partnerships, educational actions, business activities and project financing. They will also enable closer collaboration with the Covenant of Mayors initiative.

European Investment Bank mobilises sustainable energy investments in Bristol

Buildings on canal in BristolThe city of Bristol has received a grant from the European Investment Bank (EIB) worth £2.5 million (approx. €3.1 million) for the creation of an energy services company and investment scheme that will specialise in the development of sustainable energy projects within the city.

Technical assistance for the project comes from the European Local Energy Assistance (ELENA) facility. ELENA is financed through the Intelligent Energy-Europe (IEE) programme of the European Commission, and managed by EIB to help foster sustainable energy investments at the local and regional level. 

A broad range of projects are planned in Bristol, including the development of small district heating networks and the installation of over 7,000 renewable energy generating systems for homes and public buildings. Solar panels and wood-fueled heating systems will improve the energy efficiency of over 6,000 homes and public buildings.

The programme will invest up to €175 million into the city. This is expected to create up to 1,000 new jobs locally in the construction and environmental technologies sector, and attract substantial outside investment in the city. The programme will also take advantage of the range of financial incentives available in the UK that encourage local renewable energy and energy efficiency installations—feed-in tariffs being a primary example. 

Read the EIB press release ‘EIB supports green energy in Bristol’ 

Learn more about ELENA

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European Parliament adopts Pact of Islands 

Pact of Islands logoThe Pact of Islands, an initiative that commits participating European islands to a set of strict sustainability targets, has been adopted by the European Parliament as an official EU initiative.  As is true for signatories of the Covenant of Mayors initiative, signing the Pact of Islands means that island authorities are bound to a CO2 emissions reduction of at least 20% by 2020, contributing to the EU2020 strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.

European islands that formally undertake this pledge (currently there are more than 60) are expected to deliver on a number of commitments. These include developing Baseline Emission Inventories and Island Sustainable Energy Action Plans (ISEAPs), followed by regular progress monitoring. Island authorities are also expected to identify projects that can later receive sustainable energy investment funds, and increase the level of awareness across island communities of the societal value of sustainable energy plans.

Increasing pressure on ecological resources, transportation services, energy utilities and water supplies present singular challenges to island communities. That is why European islands are model environments for highlighting the potential of locally planned sustainability actions, while contributing to the EU’s overall energy and climate change policy objectives.

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