Other programmes

European Local Energy Assistance (ELENA)

The main objective of ELENA is to facilitate the mobilisation of funds for investments in sustainable energy at local level. It is managed jointly by the European Commission and the European Investment Bank.


Among other things, LIFE+ funds projects focusing on environmental impact, including initiatives on renewable energy, energy-efficiency and sustainable transport.


The CONCERTO+ initiative supports local communities in the development and demonstration of concrete strategies and actions that are both sustainable and highly energy efficient.


The CIVITAS initiative helps cities to achieve more sustainable, clean and energy efficient urban transport systems and policies.

Lifelong Learning Programme

The Lifelong Learning Programme enables people of all ages to take part in valuable learning experiences, while at the same time helping to develop the education and training sector across Europe.

European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development

The European Agriculture Fund for Rural Development supports activities that lead to the modernisation and increase the competitiveness of rural areas in the EU. It also assists projects involved in the production of energy from biomass. Such activities can be financed according to Axis 3 - promoting diversification of rural areas.


These four programmes not only provide grants but also loans, venture capital and guarantees - in cooperation with the European Investment Bank. For the period 2007-2013, the following initiatives are funded:

  • JASPERS: Joint Assistance in Supporting Projects in European Regions;
  • JEREMIE: Joint European Resources for Micro to medium Enterprises;
  • JESSICA: Joint European Support for Sustainable Investment in City Areas;
  • JASMINE: Joint Action to Support Micro-finance Institutions in Europe.