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Raising awareness about energy efficiency at home

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Valencian Metal Employers Federation (FEMEVAL) wishes to
  • Making general public aware about the convenience of using more efficient air conditioning equipment at home.
  • Promote the investment in more efficient air conditioning equipments replacing those less sustainable.
  • Design a calculation tool able to evaluate the recovery period of the investment and the energy saving achieved.
  • Involve manufacturers, installers, shopkeepers, citizens and industries all under the energy efficiency umbrella.


  • Develop a Best Practices Manual regarding energy saving at home including an advising list when purchasing more efficient equipment. Include dissemination activities and informative leaflets to be distributed on purchasing points.
  • Develop a calculation tool able to predict the energy saving achievable by buying efficient equipment and also the recovery period of the investment. This tool can be used by uipment replaced and its wasted gas is treated properly.
  • This Project can be enlarged taken into account that the major cause of energy loss at home is due to the poor housing isolation. Then, manufacturers of windows, boilers and heaters could take part as well on it.
  • The calculation tool could also be extrapolated to the industry sector.

Keywords: Energy, Metal, Industry, Air-conditioning equipment, Windows, Boiler, Heater, IEE2

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