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Educational activities of Cyprus Energy Agency

Type: CaseStudy

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One of the main objectives of the Cyprus Energy Agency is to provide systematic education, information and training sessions which address energy efficiency and renewable energy. To this end, special attention is given to educational presentations at schools in Cyprus. Since April 2009, when the Energy Agency began its education activities, the Agency has so far visited more than 90 schools – covering all educational levels. The Agency has addressed more than 15,000 students and 1000 teachers on the topics of renewable energy, energy saving, sustainable transport and environmental protection. As part of its educational activities, the Agency utilises the following tools and methods: demonstration tools; posters with 4 energy saving tips for kids; an educational table game; an online monthly educational quiz; the organisation of the annual kids drawing competition: “I draw for renewables, energy efficiency and sustainable transport”; an educational leaflet for teachers, etc.


The Energy Agency set itself the following targets in terms of its educational activities for the period 2009-2012:

  • To increase overall awareness through educational activities at schools
  • Address more than 30,000 pupils through educational presentations on RES, energy saving and environmental protection
  • Address over 2,000 teachers
  • Distribute in excess of 70,000 pieces of material
  • Encourage more than 1,500 6-12 year old pupils to participate in the Agency's online quiz
  • Carry out educational activities in over 150 schools

Based on the model developed by the Covenant of Mayors, the Cyprus Energy Agency estimates that their educational activities could result in energy savings of 720 MWh per year and annual CO2 reductions of 932 t/year.

Lessons learned and replicability

The Cyprus Energy Agency has gain a lot of experience through its educational activities which could be transferred to other European organisations. Many of its activities could be replicated especially those that are related to demonstration activities, e.g. the educational table game and the organisation's theatrical play which has had a considerable positive impact on young people. The text of the play was written by the Cyprus Energy Agency and can be easily translated into other languages. The educational presentations and the poster with energy saving tips can also be easily translated into other languages. The Agency has found that students really enjoyed the activities that they could get involved in, such as the annual drawing competition and the table game.

The overall lessons learned were the following:

  • Involve students in interactive activities;
  • Instructional materials must be experiential and must make children want to learn more about the subject;
  • The awards should be educational and personal, however sometimes it is good to award the schools as well.