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100% locally renewable energy in the Western harbour of Malmö in Sweden, Sweden

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Western harbour of Malmö Photo Western harbour of Malmö, Sweden

This video was recorded during the Study Tour that took place during the Sustainable City Development Conference, Malmö, June 2005

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The main objective was to supply a new urban district with 1000 dwellings in the Western harbour of Malmö, Sweden, with 100% locally produced renewable energy. The system is based on an annual energy balance with use of favourable local conditions and existing infrastructure. Main investors are the energy company Sydkraft AB together with the City of Malmö and several developers. The European Commission and the Swedish Government have contributed to the project. The energy system has been in use, since 2001, and the main part of the district is built. An extensive research and evaluation programme was carried out during 2004.


In the Sure/Reseco project main focus is on energy use and generation in the city area. The Bo01 district is originally planned for 85 000 m2 housing area. In the first phase, finished during year 2001, approximately 50 000 m2 housing area are built. The energy system is however designed for 85 000 m2. According to the quality program that was worked out, the maximum average specific energy consumption is 105 kWh/m2 per year, heat, electricity and cooling (if any) together. Sydkraft estimated the heat part to 70 kWh/m2 and the electricity part to 35 kWh/m2. Besides this, the electricity demand for the heat pump, pumps and fans was estimated and included. This means that the total energy end use is approximately 4 800 MWh electricity/year and 6 300 MWh heat/year. The amount of comfort cooling is not estimated on base of floor area, it depends on the demand in the district.

The energy generation is balanced against the energy use and the estimated figures show that the area will be supplied with energy from 100% locally renewable sources. The amount of energy end use is greatly depending on the tenants' behaviour. Many of the houses are prepared for individual metering in the electricity, heat and water consumption. IT-solutions will be used to present data for the tenants.

The energy generation is based on 120 m2 PVs, 1 400 m2 solar collectors, a wind power mill with maximum power of 2 MW, aquifers and a heat pump with COP of 3,15 and biogas produced from 1 000 households. The biogas will be produced in a plant just outside Malmö. The biogas will be used in the existing natural gas network or for car fuel.