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Energy Benchmark Pool Frankfurt in Commercial Buildings: Information and exchange of experience as a success factor for efficient planning and running of commercial buildings, Germany

Type: GoodPractice

Website (in German): (submenu "Frankfurter Benchmark-Pool Energie")

Case Study (31 KB PDF)


The energy agency of Frankfurt organised an Energy Benchmark Pool for commercial buildings. Users, owners and investors of buildings are invited to analyse and optimise the energy use of their buildings in small groups of max. ten participants. The results are published in an anonymous way. The aim is to enforce competition of energy efficient buildings in Frankfurt and to give owners and investors clear figures to describe energy efficiency for their planners.


On average 25 % of the total demand of the buildings was identified as a saving potential with a pay-back-time less than 5 years. Typically 10 to 15 % of the total demand could be saved only by optimizing the running time of the equipment without any investment. For the first time the electricity demand in 10 big office buildings in Frankfurt was analysed in very detail (parts of lighting, HVAC, office equipment etc.) showing large deviations in specific demands as well as high saving potentials. The implementation of the defined saving potential is still in process.