ManagEnergy is a technical support initiative of the Intelligent Energy - Europe (IEE) programme of the European Commission which aims to assist actors from the public sector and their advisers working on energy efficiency and renewable energy at the local and regional level.

ClearContract Clearinghouse for Energy Contracting

clearcontract Clearinghouse for energy contracting is a gateway for information and know-how on energy contracting in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and at the heart of the clearcontract project. The website offers the basic information and will be market place for potential projects, but the Clearinghouse in Berlin is where further support can be sought.

Overcoming existing barriers to allocate private capital for energy efficiency and small decentralised energy supply in Central and Eastern Europe is the identified need and the goal of the clearcontract project. Third party financing is the identified instrument to reach this goal. By establishing the Clearinghouse, the prerequisites for an uptake of third party financing projects will be fulfilled.

clearcontract Clearinghouse for energy contracting has a number of functions - it

  • manages knowledge on energy contracting
  • integrates knowledge to create standards for energy contracting
  • fosters local capacity on energy contracting
  • documents success stories

Taken together it offers you a "one stop" approach to energy contracting. Specifically the clearcontract Clearinghouse:

  • offers you support and tools for the implementation of your contracting project
  • quality checks and offers potential projects to you
  • assists you in finding a client/contractor
  • facilitates the exchange and discussion on issues related to energy contracting
  • makes you part of an international network on energy contracting

The experiences of the project coordination with energy contracting in Germany have already been applied under Slovenian conditions. This knowledge is the basis for the methodology followed to develop standards for the planning, implementation and management of third party financing projects in CEE under the framework of the clearcontract project. The coordinators are guiding and transferring their know-how to the local partners.

In the course of the project the framework conditions for third party financing in CEE are analysed and documented. Model contracts will be available and a common strategy for implementation developed. These are some of the tools that will be available to you, for finding a contractor or client or to inform yourself on the opportunities arising through energy contracting in CEE.

A group of 10 organisations are active in clearcontract. The Clearinghouse is established by the project coordinator, the Berlin Energy Agency, and the second EU partner, the Vienna based Austrian Energy Agency (E.V.A.). Eight (8) Eastern European partners form the other knots in the network on energy contracting started through this project. They are local contact points and future project seekers.