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Biomass CHP plant in Växjö, Sweden

Type: CaseStudy

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If the share of renewable energy in Europe is to be increased by 12% by the year 2010, one has to consider an increase in the use of biomass, both for heat and electricity production. Wood and wooden waste are anything but rare, but they need rather heavy investments if they are to be fully exploited. That is why the use of wood as a real renewable energy source (keeping the sustainable use and growth in mind!) still is subordinate in comparison to other renewable energy sources. Nonetheless, some cities (many of them in Scandinavia) have had successful experiences, like in Växjö in Southern Sweden, where the biomass share is reaching quite high levels.

Keywords: General approach; CHP - Trigeneration

This case study was prepared by Energie-Cités in co-operation with the utility Växjö Energi A/B and the Municipality of Växjö. It received funding from the ALTENER Programme of DGXVII of the European Commission.