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EMOTIONS: The emotional approach in mobility management

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Astrid Wilhelm, FGM-Amor, Austria

Presentation at: ManagEnergy European Conference on Local Energy Action: The Annual Event of Energy Management Agents in Europe 26-27 November 2003, Brussels, Belgium Proceedings and Video Recordings


Marketing for sustainable modes is almost always linked to rational information (costs, environment) - Marketing strategies of car manufacturers are almost exclusively based on emotions (fun, excitement, prestige). EMOTIONS wants to explore and exploit the huge potential this emotional approach offers for clean urban transport.

Many of the facts, that build a barrier for using clean urban transport are emotional:

  • More than 50% of all human decisions are emotional - often against rational awareness
  • Most marketing campaigns for cars target human emotions - exploiting this fact
  • More than 90% of all marketing expenses for transport comes from car manufacturers
  • The average correlation between attitudes (e.g. with respect to clean urban transport modes) and actual behaviour (e.g. using the available sustainable transport modes instead of cars) is marginal.

These facts constitute a limit for marketing and awareness campaigns for clean urban transport. Information about the positive consequences of the use of sustainable modes helps € but will not do. Public transport, bikes in the city, walking, car sharing and car pooling should be associated with positive emotions like excitement, fun, being moved (in the heart), lust for life, pride and so on.

It is the aim of EMOTIONS to show the way on how to use the promising and successful emotional approach to stimulate clean urban transport.

EMOTIONS is a project within the SAVE Programme of the European Union.