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RES for Students, Italy

Type: CaseStudy

Case Study (39 KB PDF)


The RES for STUDENTS project started out in September 2003 and stopped in April 2004. It dealt with a training and an information campaign devoted to more than 3500 students who attended the fourth year in the high schools based in the Province of Chieti. Unlike the past years, training seminars were not the only initiative promoted by ALESA but a new and original competition was set up. In fact, all of the students had to cope with multiple-choice quiz drawn up by the ALESA experts. It consisted of 25 questions about renewable sources and energy savings. The students were asked to fill in the questionnaires during a one-hour meeting, which ALESA staff was holding to briefly introduce their current activities and the role played by energy managers. They were also provided with pamphlets about the renewable sources written by the ALESA experts.

Both male and female students will be awarded by ALESA with a three-days stay in Brussels to visit the European Community Institutions.

The project was very successful and the students were very glad to participate. Furthermore, the analysis of the answers was very useful for the agency to reveal the level of the students' knowledge about RES and RUE scope.


The results of "RES for STUDENTS" have showed, firstly the number of schools which accepted to go in for the competition, something like 17 that is 70 % of all schools located in the Province of Chieti. Then, the number of students who have filled the questionnaires and received the formative brochure something like 2400 that is the 67 % of the total number of students which, as set out previously, was of 3564.

Statistically, tests results, which have been carefully checked and represented by graphics, have shown what sort of questions have been well-known or ignored, and who has been the best student between males and females and, moreover, which school have been the best. All results will be kept together in a short text and will be made to know.