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Wind energy in Denmark - EPU-NTUA, Greece

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Denmark has relatively modest average wind speeds in the range of 4,9 to 5,6 m/s measured at 10 m height. Onshore wind resources are highest in the Western part of the country, and on the Eastern islands with coastlines facing South or West. The country has very large offshore wind resources, and large areas of sea territory with a shallow water depth of 5 to 15 m, where siting is most feasible. These sites offer higher wind speeds, in the range of roughly 8,5 to 9 m/s at 50 m height.. The above case study was included in the results of the WP-6 of EU - OPET CHP/DH project. Partners were six oganizations in the OPET network: EPU-NTUA (Greece), ZERI (China), EREC, CSFTA, ISNOVA (Italy) and ENEA (Italy). Activities included the development of case studies to disseminate EU energy information and increase the awareness of OPET around China. The main result has been increased awareness of EU energy policies, energy efficient and renewable energy technologies, products, and management mechanisms amongst Chinese energy stakeholders.

This case study is one of 31 Good Practice Case Studies published by the OPET Network in 2005