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On the way to a Renewable Heating and Cooling Directive

Type: Legislation


PDF IconPresentation by Tom Howes, European Commission, Directorate General for Energy and Transport (67 Kb PDF)

A public consultation entitled "Promotion of Heating and Cooling from Renewable Energies" took place in October 2006 and the results are now available on the website at:

PDF IconResults of the Consultation

The purpose of this public consultation was to contribute to the Commission's Impact Assessment by providing a range of opinions and new and innovative ideas regarding the implementation and the impacts of different types of policies and measures that could be considered to promote heating and cooling from renewable energy sources.

This information will be taken into account in the further preparatory work on this dossier.

This public consultation addressed all renewable energies used to produce heating and cooling: solar thermal, geothermal and heat pumps, and biomass; as well as all types of measures/policies in order to evaluate their potential. Furthermore, all sectors of activity (the public sector, industry, energy services and district heating, tertiary and domestic) were addressed.