Energy savings in print company, Bristol, UK


Latcham Direct is a cross media marketing and printing business employing 78 staff. Their site consists of a factory and offices. The project was carried out as part of Business West’s campaign Go Green, supported by Bristol City Council and European Regional Development Fund Programme 2007 – 2013. The company installed and upgraded its lighting systems and installed new controls and sensors. In 2012 the company set itself the target of reducing its energy use by 40 per cent.

Results and impacts

Go Green, a project of Business West in cooperation with the Bristol City Council and the European Regional Development fund has helped Latcham Direct to go green and grow its business, resulting in savings of over £10,000. An initial audit showed how the company could reduce its electricity and gas consumption by a 10% of the total, year on year. Latcham Direct surpassed this expectation and managed to reduce its output by 11.19%. Gas usage even fell by 28.74%. 

Aims and objectives of this sustainable energy action

Latcham Direct wished to gain green credentials to express its commitment to business growth. As formulated by Sales and Marketing Director Kevin Pembroke, it is important for a family run company like Latcham Direct to ‘stay true to our ethos as a trusted and responsible business that our customers can rely on’. The cooperation in the Go Green project enabled Latcham Direct to improve its resource efficiency, provide real value and do this in a cost-effective way.

Technical and financial implementation

Latcham Direct has begun to replace their lighting systems, starting in the office areas with LED light panels. A dimmer was installed on each desk pod and motion sensors were fitted in all corridors and washrooms.

How this action could be replicated

The Go Green project from Business West shows how businesses can save money and increase profit by using energy more efficiently. This is being achieved through guidance for local SMEs on where to start, how to find partners and where to make energy savings. The SMEs also receive tips on how to communicate to consumers and suppliers that they make a difference. 


·         Business West

·         Bristol City Council

·         European Regional Development Fund

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