Bohinj Park Hotel


Bohinj Park Hotel has chosen to become Europe’s most advanced hotel in energy efficiency and renewable energy. The hotel is equipped with a range of energy saving measures including cogeneration, a geothermal well, LED lighting and a IT solutions.

Results and impacts

Bohinj Park Hotel produces 56 % fewer emissions than a traditional hotel, preventing 63 tonnes of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year.

The cogeneration system In comparison with regular widely used systems, such a system saves up to 30% of energy.

LED lamps

Nu. of lights



Energy consumption/year

Bohinj Park Hotel


Power LED

2 W

1.752 kWh

Comparable hotel



50 W

43.800 kWh

Technical and financial implementation

A 430 meter deep well delivers geothermal water to the hotel. This water is used for sanitation and heating. Before it runs to the sewage, it is used for flushing sanitation. The water from the geothermal well is also used for cooling in summer.

Besides the well, the hotel has its own cogeneration system that 240 kW of electricity and 400 kW of heat. The heat is being used for warming the pools.

In addition, the hotel deploys a of low-temperature regime - with floor heating and cooling and uses LED technology for the majority of its lightning.

The hotel also uses the card-operated wireless switch, which prevents energy waste in unoccupied rooms. When a guests enter a room, they insert a card into a docking station, which ‘activates’ the room. When the key card is removed from its dock, the room switches back to the low-consumption mode.

The whole system for energy use and regulation of the consumption is guided by a central computer system. To prevent disturbances in heating or cooling of rooms when windows are opened, every window is equipped with a sensor that shuts down the air-conditioning after a certain amount of time. 

Lessons learnt

The Bohinj Park Hotel in Slovenia has become one of the most energy-efficient hotels in central Europe through the use of LED lamps, cogeneration, geothermal energy, heat transfer systems and IT solutions.

Contact details

Bohinj Park ECO Hotel

Triglavska c. 17, 4264 Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenia

Tel. +386 8 200 4000


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