Prospects for EPC in the Slovak Republic

Energy Centre Bratislava, Ambrova 35 831 01

Target audience

Local and regional authorities in Slovakia


The workshop aims at facilitating EPC utilization within energy efficiency and environmental investment projects at all levels of public administration.

 It will be held in cooperation with Energy Centre Bratislava on 11 and 12 April 2011—the same week as the 29th CONECO/RACIOENERGIA International Construction Fair in Bratislava.

The first day will focus on enabling good understanding of the EPC concept, highlighting success factors and barriers from local as well as international projects.

The second day will build on the knowledge provided within the first day and focus on finding practical solutions for broader utilization of the EPC concept in Slovakia. A particular focus will be on combining EPC with Structural Funds—possible approaches and available models.

The EPC market in Slovakia is in its early stage of development. Currently, only up to 20 projects in the public sector have been implemented in Slovakia (last of them in 2005). A more favourable situation is in the private sector where ten EPC-like projects have been implemented, mostly in industry.

Interest in the EPC concept is again rising (the possibilities for grant financing were not available to such an extent during the period 2007-2011). Despite this rising interest, the broader implementation of EPC projects faces significant barriers. The most important is the low level of confidence in this concept resulting from lack of practical local experiences as well as from high complexity of the project preparation. 

Other barriers related to public procurement, budgetary regulations and financial restrictions may be overcome by better defining strict and transparent procedures. A more positive development is that EPC projects in the public sector may be expected to ensure a significant share of the overall public sector energy savings potential, which is estimated at volume of 5 PJ (or 60 Mio EUR) annually.



Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Location details: Energy Centre Bratislava, Ambrova 35 831 01

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