EU Energy Performance Contracting Campaign Workshop


The aim of this workshop was to increase awareness of EPC and innovative finance approaches to retrofit in the domestic and non-domestic sectors with a view to galvanising the market for these in the UK. The workshop was designed to be informative and interactive, using a combination of presentations, discussions, a panel session and networking time to stimulate debate and cross fertilisation of ideas. It brought together public and private sector participants with an interest in developing the UK EPC market, gave an overview of relevant EU and UK policy to support the development of EPC, presented the experiences of a number of practitioners involved in different front runner projects in the UK, discussed common barriers and available solutions and highlighted the practical tools and advice available to support the development of the UK market. 

The workshop stimulated excellent debate and served to highlight the diverse approaches that are emerging in the UK. The key points arising from the day’s discussions were as follows: 

1. There are still barriers to overcome, but the front runner schemes in the UK (such as Blue Skies Peter-borough, London RE:FIT and Birmingham Energy Savers) are coming up with solutions. 

2. As a result, the UK EPC/ innovative finance landscape is growing and new examples of schemes and evolving approaches are emerging. 

3. However, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution – as we have seen elsewhere in Europe there will always be some tailoring required to reflect the individual needs, circumstances and priorities of local authorities and other key actors involved. 

4. Market actors are beginning to think about how the EPC approach and be rolled out into other sec-tors, in particularly their own commercial buildings. 

5. And local authorities are beginning to think about EPC not only as a way of funding capital invest-ment but also as a way of generating revenue.

In order to further promote the outputs of the workshop the following activities are planned: 

 Promotion of ManagEnergy and the workshop outputs to a wider public sector audience

 month review of projects identified

 Report back to the workshop attendees on the 6 month review and guage interest in further events on EPC

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