Workshop on alternative energy supply systems

John Deere Forum John-Deere-Straße 70 68163 Mannheim Germany

Target audience

Representatives from enterprises, municipalities and housing agencies


Until now, on-the-spot production and captive use of energy have gotten far too little attention from the broad public. But at the same time, many consumers manage to produce their own energy far less costly than by obtaining it from the local energy producers through public networks. Furthermore, local communities, enterprises, housing industries, hospitals and nursing homes are able to reduce their expenses for electricity by producing energy on their own. 

Another advantage: The auto-production of energy on the local level reduces the pressure to develop the supra-regional electricity networks. Therefore, several goals can be achieved at once: The auto-production furthers the energy transition in this region, upholds jobs and balances the supply and demand for electricity. 

So, the time has come to devote some time and thought to this subject. This event, which will be held at the John Deere Forum on April 2nd  2014, will focus on different technologies for on-the-spot energy production, fields of application and economic advantages of alternative energy. Moreover, we will try to reduce prejudices against contracting and introduce local and international best-practice examples. 

Download presentations from the event here.




Mannheim, Germany

Organised by: Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar GmbH with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Rhein-Neckar and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Pfalz

Location details: John Deere Forum John-Deere-Straße 70 68163 Mannheim Germany

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Name: Diana Schneider
Telephone: +49 621 10708-117