Financing connectivity: Building the Trans-European Nature Network

In May 2020, the European Commission published the Biodiversity strategy for 2030 to put Europe’s biodiversity on the path to recovery. It focuses on the impacts of climate change, forest fires, food insecurity, and disease outbreaks. Its strategy consist of:

  • Establishing a larger EU-wide network of protected areas on land and at sea
  • Launching an EU nature restoration plan
  • Introducing measures to enable the necessary transformative change
  • Introducing measures to tackle the global biodiversity challenge

In this context, the EU wants to build a Trans-European Nature network with an ambitious of 30% of land and 30% of seas to be legally protected by 2030.

Join LIFE on 4 March 2021 for an online discussion focusing on the European strategy to build and strengthen the Trans-European Nature Network.

You will have the chance to learn more about financing opportunities for connectivity currently available through a number of European Union funds and programmes, including: the Green Deal Investment PlanHorizon Europe, funding under the common agricultural policyEuropean Regional Development Fund and Interreg Europe.


Thursday, March 4, 2021
To event remaining 4 days