Counselling services for citizens struggling with energy vulnerability

Energy poverty – a situation where a household cannot meet its domestic energy needs – is a topic that presents a real problem for municipalities in several EU countries, either for the difficulties in implementing actions or for the low awareness/knowledge - situation vary from country to country.

Climate Alliance is supporting the scalability study of the ASSIST Model - an established and tested model for all entities providing an Integrated Contact Point - HEAs (Home Energy Advisor or a group of advisors) to citizens facing energy vulnerability issues.

Do you already offer similar services for citizens who have difficulties? or Do you think your municipality will need to set up such counselling services or one-stop-shops in the near future?

The ASSIST project wants to know more about your views on energy poverty in municipalities, citizen counselling in municipal climate protection and whether such counselling services exist and are linked or needed in your organisation / municipality.

Take the anonymous survey and share your experience.