Urban Future 2022

Helsingborg, a mid-sized city in Sweden is among the most innovative cities in Europe and has undergone a radical transformation that’s been unheard of. The city has embarked on a journey to radically transform itself, the way it is managed, how it interacts with citizens and businesses, and most importantly, how it innovates to solve the city’s biggest challenges.

The city has been working strategically to deal with environmental issues for many years. It was also among the five second-runner cities awarded the annual prize of The European Capital of Innovation Awards in 2020 based on their ability to harness innovation to improve the lives of its residents.

H22 is a major initiative by Helsingborg and its citizens to develop the city of the future. It is aimed at solving the numerous sustainability challenges while improving the quality of life. H22 consists of two parts:

  • H22 is a city-wide innovation initiative: It’s about the journey towards becoming a sustainable city, and a massive collaborative effort between citizens, businesses and the municipality.
  • H22 is a City Expo: Join more than 1m visitors at the 35-day international event between May 30 – July 3, 2022, that will showcase the innovative work so far and use Helsingborg as a testbed for solutions from around the world.

Urban Future 2022 (UF22) is all about those smaller cities, how passionately they drive sustainable change across the continent and supports their leadership and all the amazing people driving these transformations.


Photo by Hanseric Orre on Unsplash

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