Financial instruments for the circular economy

On 1 February 14:00-16:00 CET, the Policy Learning Platform is hosting an interactive webinar on financial instruments for the circular economy.

With the Green Deal and the new European industrial strategy for a globally competitive, green and digital Europe, the necessity of the transition of the economy towards a more circular one has reached all levels of competitiveness policymaking. Also, businesses are increasingly working on their business models and process in order to reduce their environmental footprint and address increasing linear risks (scarcity of resources, unsure supply, volatility of prices…) by seizing circular opportunities.

However, as is the case for any significant transformation, the challenges for SMEs are still big and support is needed to minimise the risks of investing in new business models and/or technologies.

What to expect

The objective of the webinar is to present some approaches on how regional and local authorities can adapt their funding frameworks to promote and foster the circular transition of the economy and which types of measures are used to foster the circular transition of businesses in general SMEs in particular.

Moderated by Thematic Experts in SME competitiveness Luc Schmerber and Mart Veliste, the following topics will be introduced and presented during the webinar: 

Fostering the circular economy and green jobs in Bologna (Italy)

Marino Cavallo, from the Metropolitan City of Bologna (Italy), will present the relevant activities and policies from the Metropolitan City of Bologna.

Stuttgart Climate Innovation Fund (Germany)

Hauke Diederich, from Klima‐Innovationsfonds Stuttgart, will showcase the Climate Innovation Fund, part of the EUR 200 Mio. Climate Protection Action Programme of the city of Stuttgart.

The Finnish Innovation Fund: Sitra (Finland) 

Kari Herlevi, Project Director at Circular economy focus area, will showcase Sitra: Finland’s fund for the future.


Photo by Noah Buscher on Unsplash

Tuesday, February 1, 2022
To event remaining 7 days
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